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Foto: © 2009 Silvia Sinha (http://www.in-response.de)


Miki Isojima (dance)
Hisae Mizutani (costume)
Yurie Ido (video and sound)

Project description

The performance is an improvisation using contemporary dance, sound and video. We try to express the power of nature.

The sound is very simple. It combines several metronomes. A projector will be installed at the front of the stage (from the perspective of the audience) and project the video towards the stage to show the images as a backdrop to the performance.

The video projection also provides a special lighting for the dancer. And the visual material we use in the projection consists only of hand movements. The hand is the metonymic expression for the human body.

An artist will be in control of the timing and speed of the sound and the video projection in order to match the rhythms to the dance. The dancer wears a costume, which may look like a uniform of a shrine maiden.

As an integral part of the performance there will be sand, soil and mud on certain parts of the stage. Throughout the performance, the dancer gets muddy and the mud sprays around the stage as a result of her actions.

First Performance:
11. September 2009
Dauer: 25 Min.

im Programm Kunstfracht-LKW
zur Eröffnung der „magistrale 2009”

tmp.plate. kunst.klause
Pohlstr. 70, 10785 Berlin

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